Parsons WebPortal - Announcing Changes to Remote Access via the Internet

Information Systems (IS) has implemented a new Internet-accessible WebPortal that provides access to Parsons Web Applications for employees working remotely. This service is intended for employees who do not have access to the Parsons network via a direct connection (i.e. iPass or Personal VPN+). The Parsons WebPortal replaces the existing remote Internet access method, commonly referred to as HTTPS access. It is not a replacement for iPass or Personal VPN+.

The Parsons WebPortal provides a faster, more secure means of access and reduces the number of log-on prompts required. Now, you can get to what you need, faster and more securely.

You will be automatically redirected to the Parsons WebPortal in  seconds.

To access the WebPortal, please go to You will then be able to access all Parsons Web Applications including: Parsons WebMail (aka OWA), PWeb, WebTime, ParShare, MyData, PWORKS, OER, OCR, and more.

For more information please refer to the, please refer to the Parsons WebPortal FAQ page.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact the IS Service Desk: